Center Stage

“I started to flip through the pages and immediately found myself drawn in.”
Jacques Lacombe, Principal Conductor of the Bonn Opera

“Neglia puts into words exactly the kind of passion and desire to excel that drove all of us to climb each step of the ladder that created our lives in music.”
Cindy Vero, WPLJ 95.5

“I loved this book, his story is both inspirational and emotionally moving. I am recommending this to all of my students and colleagues.”
Danny Mallon, Educator & Percussionist, NYC

Unveil the curtain behind your favorite musical production in Center Stage, where you’ll learn what it takes to manage and perform at the highest level attainable. Jim Neglia takes you on a journey of self-discovery through the documentation of his travels in Europe, jaw-dropping stories of behind-the-scenes drama in the symphony, and his musical heritage. Feel like a passenger alongside Neglia’s excursions through the Alps and a player in one of his productions as he details the events that shaped him into the successful man he is today. Fans of Bob Dylan’s Chronicles or Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking will enjoy the candid, raw nature of Neglia’s story of sacrifice, passion, and a question of ethics that threatened to drive his life and career into the ground. Center Stage will cause readers to laugh, cry and laugh until they cry as they examine their own values and goals alongside this incredible odyssey.