Music Is In Our Blood

“We belong to the sun and sky and the eyes of god above. We belong to the sea of sorrows and the vast oceans of love.”  John Neglia

After spending years researching his ancestry and finally gaining the knowledge of past generations, Jim Neglia can now begin to understand his connection to the past. Neglia learned about his relatives and their dedication to music, their passion in life, and in this book highlights two of his ancestors and their illustrious careers.


Are our abilities passed down from generation to generation, or are a family’s talents developed during their formative years? The author takes the reader on a journey through eight generations of musicians to help answer that question. Among other things, Neglia explains how strong family genes are coupled with the nurturing of our talents by our elders.


Along with discussions on his ancestry and beliefs are journal entries and recountings of current events, including the crippling COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the music industry. In the process, Neglia relays an amazing tale, weaving the past and the present to tell a story 200 years in the making, sharing his views on the complexities of his family’s personalities by sharing intimate stories of life as a Neglia.