Onward and Upward

“A beautiful story about following your passion”
Jay Treleas, WFME

“Inspirational reading for students. This is no typical autobiography…Neglia’s book is a recommended read for all people with goals.”
Noelani Montero, SWHK

“He really makes you believe that you can achieve anything you want in life with discipline, commitment and hard work.”
Rossana Piccini, Music Director

Exciting, hilarious, heartfelt, Onward and Upward is the true account of Jim Neglia’s pursuit of a dream: a career in music. In this around-the-world adventure, Jim shares stories of culture, family, laughter, friendship, wisdom and heartache, with a splash of Strauss, motorcycle chases and Hollywood! 

Whether you’re an aspiring young artist, entrepreneur, or considering world travel, everyone can benefit from reading this book. Avoid the pitfalls and learn from another’s experience in dedication, passion and growth, and take an extraordinary journey through a life in the arts.